Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss and his delightful books this week to commemorate the famous author’s birthday. We took the opportunity to make some rhyming fun as we rocked our socks and stacked ten apples up on top!

Dental Health Month

What a great time we had during Dental Health month! Thanks to Dr. Laura Geiger, Dr. Christ Kumfer, Amber Brown, and Anne Neitzke for spending time in our classrooms teaching about teeth and how to care for them (brushing, flossing, eating a healthy diet, and regular visits to the dentist). The children loved brushing the […]

Five Senses Unit

During our unit on the Five Senses, children especially enjoyed focus on the sense of touch. They learned our skin helps us know if something is hot or cold, dull or sharp, rough or smooth, wet or dry, etc. The most sensitive parts of skin include fingertips, lips, and toes!

Polar Animals are COOL!

We sure enjoyed our study of polar animals! Our kiddos did an awesome blubber experiment by touching ice first with bare hands and then through a plastic bag filled with shortening. They learned that just like the shortening, BLUBBER (a thick layer of fat between an animals’s skin and its muscles) keeps whales, seals, and […]

Santa’s Workshop

  l The elves were hard at work today building toys and making gingerbread houses! l llllllllllll               l llllllllllll                 lllllllllll                l llllllllllll               l

Family Halloween Party

 l Look who stopped by the Beech Tree House Pumpkin Patch last night!  Thanks to all of our awesome teachers and families for a great party. Happy Halloween! l llllllll         l llllllll                 l    

Sensory Play

Sensory play (learning about the world using one’s senses) is an excellent way for children to experience academic concepts! Our Penguins have been using shaving cream to get the feel of each letter and shape of the week.

Picture Day

The beginning of the year is such a special time.  To capture the season, Beech Tree House Center for Child Development is pleased to welcome Kelly Lynn Photography.  Children will be photographed on the following dates: * September 10 – CWPSA and Lions Picture Day September 11 – Bunnies, Duckies, and Giraffes Picture Day September 12 – Chicks, Piglets, and […]

Water Day Fun!

Beech Tree House kiddos enjoyed some good old fashioned fun each Friday this summer with themed water days! l “First Flamingle” llllllllll   l “Happy Birthday Beech Tree House!” llllllllll   “Summer Safari” llllllllll    “Celebrating America” llllllllll   “Sprinkle and Splash with Disney” llllllllll    l “Pilots, Planes, and Passports – Oh my!” llllllllll  l “Circus Fun”  llllllllll