The curriculum at Beech Tree House Center for Child Development supports the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of each child.  Written by our administration and a team of master teachers, the curriculum provides academically ambitious yet developmentally appropriate activites in the core areas of language arts, math, science, health, social studies, and non-denominational Christian religious education.  Because of its appeal to various learning styles, our teachers follow the Ausubelian method of organizing curriculum in our toddler and pre-school classrooms.  This engaging process incorporates a variety of lessons, activities, games, crafts, projects, and experiments that help develop proficiencies in a specific theme, skill, or concept.  Children enjoy music, art, drama, and values education naturally embedded into the Beech Tree House experience.  Open areas are provided in our spacious backyard and indoor atrium for large motor skill development and rambunctious play.  We extend learning experiences as we welcome guest speakers and performers in addition to off-site fieldtrip adventures.